368 Days and counting…100 lbs to lose

Welcome to my blog! Yesterday I weighed myself and was utterly disgusted with the number that popped up on my scale. I decided it was time to change once and for all.

I decided to create a challenge for myself: 100 lbs down for the gown.

I am going to lose 100 lbs by my wedding, on June 20, 2015.

I will meet this goal by doing the following:

  • Meeting my calorie goals, which I’ll re-evaluate every 1-3 months
  • Walking daily- to start, I’m walking 1 mile/day
  • Cutting out soda completely
  • Utilizing support from family and friends

I am lucky to have some very supportive people in my corner, and I am going to need to lean on them so much during this journey. People are there and willing to help me, and I have to be willing to accept it and change.

An important thing I will be focusing on throughout my journey is changing my relationship with food. I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food and at 31 years old, it’s time to start.

My current calorie goal is 1530 cals/day. Today I’ve only had 827, which is very low, but I’m trying to work on my portions and get used to how I’m supposed to eat. I ate 3 meals today, and feel satisfied. I know I need to eat more, and I will, but I’m trying not to stress it for one day. I’m going to try and throw in another protein shake for a snack later tonight, and that will get me to 977 cals.

I already walked my mile for the day, in 25:40min.

I’m trying to start with small, realistic goals so I can meet them and be successful long-term. I also don’t want to try to do too much too soon and then burn out.

I’m also on myfitness (tif83) and will use this to track my calories.

I have a fitbit, which I was charging while at work today. I will begin using it again tomorrow. I’ll set an initial daily step goal after I see where I am. Again, want to start small and be realistic.

I’m also going to post progress pics as I go along. When my fiance gets home tonight, I’m going to take my “BEFORE” pics, which I will post within the next day or so. Then I’ll take new pics monthly.

My weekly goals are to lose 2.5lbs/wk, which is considered safe, and not drastic. It’s an aggressive approach, but still doable and still a healthy weight loss. I need to lose about 8.3lbs/mo for the next 12 months to meet my goal of 100 lbs down.

All of this is attainable, and I’m going to be successful.

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, and my weight has varied dramatically. But, for the first time, I am examining what’s going on in my head, and why I make some of the choices I make. I’m examining my feelings about food and weight, and trying to work some things out.

I’m going about this without doing anything drastic- no surgery, no fad diets, no extremes.

I’m going to lose 100lbs by my wedding and I’m going to do it “the old-fashioned way”- through diet and exercise.

Simple enough, but it won’t be that easy.

But I’m determined, and I’m keeping this blog to help keep me accountable.

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