To eat or not to eat….

What do you do when you’ve got extra calories left- do you eat them or not? I currently have +300 cals left and I didn’t eat lunch bc I wasn’t feeling the best. Now I’ve eaten a “sensible” dinner, and I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily hungry, but those extra cals are calling my name.

For awhile I was eating really low (800-1000 cals/day). I was on a super high protein/low carb diet. Just meat, basically. No veggies, nothing. I was seeing a bariatric doctor and considering gastric sleeve surgery.

I did lose 20lbs in one month, but inevitably I succumbed to carbs. I know they’re not my friend, but I love them so. And all meat all the time gets really old really quickly. I happen to love veggies.

Now I’m trying to be all realistic though, so I don’t fall off the wagon again. I’m attempting to follow a plan I can legitimately follow for the rest of my life. No drastic measures, no severe calorie restrictions, no meat-only silliness.

So, part of that is learning to eat the right amount of food. Something I’ve never learned how to do. My food and eating issues first began around 11 or 12 years old. I’ve always either over-eaten or under-eaten. I don’t know what normal portions are.

So I have a friend helping me. She helped me figure out how many calories I should be consuming based on my current weight and goals. A reasonable number. Which I am following. She’s helping me learn how to eat- not to starve all day and consume all my cals at night.

So this is all new to me. And right now I’m trying to decide if it’s ok to eat the rest of my calories or if it’s better to leave them on the table, so to speak.

I ate an adequate dinner. I actually am probably still eating too much. I had like 3-4 servings of veggies (I know- too much, right?) plus one serving of chicken. I should be satisfied. Why do I still want to eat, just because I have cals available?

I almost still feel like I’m depriving myself somehow, when I’m totally not. I had double serving of my breakfast, skipped lunch because I wasn’t feeling well, and ate a solid dinner. And I had a snack when I first got home.

I want to eat enough and not be crazy restrictive anymore, but being 300 or so calories under for the day isn’t being restrictive. I don’t need to eat all my calories every day, right? Why is it so hard to walk away?

8 thoughts on “To eat or not to eat….

  1. My advice: if you are still hungry, eat. If not, don’t. 300 calories in just one day isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! My advice to you is this: instead of counting calories, learn how to stop eating when you’re full. Your body knows what it needs–you just need to learn how to listen to it. It’s tricky finding a system that works, but it’s great that you’re searching for yours!

    • Thanks- I’m working on it. For now, counting calories is a must. I’m trying to work on learning when I’m full and listening to my body, but that will come with time. Trying to learn to focus on nourishing my body and not the emotional feelings I get when eating.

  3. I’m trying to just eat healthy and only eat till I’m full but if I was counting calories I think once in a while it’s ok to have calories left over but if you feel your depriving yourself because they’re still there, (saying eat me eat me) then maybe have a small snack use a third of what you have left.

    • I love that idea! Some days it doesn’t bother me but yesterday was awful! But I love compromising! I ended up eating them- but I had some hard boiled eggs and Colby cheese for a snack. (Still watching carbs) I’m going to remember this for next time!

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