Too much… Too little… How do you find the “just right” when it comes to calories?

I’m currently eating up to 1530 cals/day (except for the days I ate over this past week… Not happening again).

I arrived at this figure between mfp, and with the help of a friend who used a formula based on weight, height, etc etc.

But I was just researching how much fat one should consume daily (I am eating way too much!) and it suggested my calories be between 1100-1400. I was doing 800-1000 cals previously and even 1200 and not sticking with it.

Now I actually feel satisfied and can stick to my calorie goal. And it appears to be working so far. So do I leave it where it is for the next 10-15 lbs, or should I already be tweaking it?

Part of why this is so hard is because there are so many schools of thought and you get tons of different answers depending on where you happen to look. Lord knows I have no idea what I’m doing on my own. So I need all the help I can get.

So confused.

2 thoughts on “Too much… Too little… How do you find the “just right” when it comes to calories?

  1. It really depends on how you approach weight loss. For instance, if you cut carbs, then you need more fat in your diet. If you focus on cutting calories, but continue to eat a “normal” amount of carbs, you need to cut fat as well. The most logical way to lose weight is to cut calories down by cutting out fast food, processed foods, sugar, and junk and making most of your calories come from lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains 🙂 You need to create a calorie deficit by eating less and working out. You need to know what your basal metabolic rate is, to figure out how many calories you burn in a day by just living ( ), then you can figure out what kind of deficit you need to create to lose the amount of weight you want to lose.

    Personally, my body can’t handle large amounts of carbohydrates (simple or complex), so the only way for me to lose weight effectively, is to eat no more then 75 net carbs a day. I don’t exactly pay attention to calories – but to the amount of net carbs I eat a day instead. Most of my net carbs come from vegetables (and once I’m through induction, fruit as well). I do track my calories, but only because I need to make sure I’m eating at least 1100 a day! When you’re on induction, it can sometimes be difficult to ingest enough calories since you’re eating a lot of veggies!

    • Ok. My friend worked out the math previously to get me the 1530. I sent her an article and we discussed and she thinks I should maintain my calories right now. I am watching carbs, because I’m sensitive to them, but I realized today I’m eating way too much fat. Though it’s coming from good sources like nuts and lean meat. Still trying to navigate my way through all of this and find what works for me- not only for the scale, but also my life. I’ve already cut out soda and fast food and I watch carbs, but I need to improve still. Planning my next grocery trip, expecting some changes!

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