So… It wasn’t awful…

First personal training session this am- and not only was it not awful, I think it might actually have been awesome!

I was beyond terrified driving to the gym. So uncomfortable going back there. But, I hopped on the treadmill and warmed up for about 10-15 min before my session and met my new trainer, Jill.

I’ve seen Jill before and was actually always worried about ever having her as a trainer. All trainers are of course in shape and usually little, but she is beyond teeny tiny! Somehow to me that meant she must hate fat people or something. Such an unfair assumption!

She is actually sweet as could be! She was super supportive of where I am now and finding what works for me and can be a permanent lifestyle change. She’s like the perfect trainer for me! Nothing drastic, no lecturing, just encouragement and support! I loved it!

Plus, the usual morning ladies were in the locker room when I was done and they actually remembered me and even said hello! These ladies used to terrify me, and today we ha a nice little conversation. We had started talking finally when I was going before, but one especially was such a “mean girl”… She didn’t really speak to me this morning, but I don’t even care!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m also all hyped up on endorphins, instead of my normal over-consumption of caffeine. Granted, I still took a caffeine pill, but more to be safe than it really being needed. Hopefully soon I’ll slowly be weening off all of the caffeine I take every day.

So I’m super pumped up for my day! I forgot how awesome it was to start out your day on the right foot. For me, exercising first thing in the am is so the way to go! My next session is Friday and next Monday is already scheduled as well! And guess what- I cannot wait!!!!


5 thoughts on “So… It wasn’t awful…

    • Totally! No wonder I was slightly addicted to this before! Used to go most days, sometimes twice/day. Can’t wait to get back to that intensity! Baby steps, though! Don’t want to but out.

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