11lbs down… 89 to go


I weighed myself a day early- AGAIN! Talk about impatience! BUT- even with clothes on, the scale showed me down 2lbs since last week. Yay!!!!

So happy the scale is moving. “Slow progress is better than no progress”. I am intentionally trying to take a slow and steady approach to this so that it is a sustainable change. I’m not doing anything drastic or looking for a quick fix. This is a permanent lifestyle change.

Pretty proud of myself this morning! The past week I wasn’t perfect, but I made enough good decisions and I’m seeing results.

Next week is week 4, which means new progress pics get taken! From past experience, I don’t expect to really be able to see any noticeable change between the two sets of pics.

But I’m doing it monthly for accountability reasons, as well as to track my progression. I’m putting it all out there so it would be far too painful to fail publicly. I’m attacking this and I’m going to keep going!

I’ll keep with the weekly weigh-ins no matter what and monthly progress pics. That should help keep me on track.

Just wanted to share my week 3 weigh day results. So that’s 11 lbs down since i started 3 weeks ago and 89 lbs to go to my wedding date! I see a beautiful bride in my future! 👰

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