Surviving the holiday…

After I had a little mini-meltdown on someone else’s post, I decided I might need to explore this more and get some advice. How do you survive the holidays? It’s not like it’s Christmas, where I feel “ok” about splurging a little. Who knows how I’ll handle that this year though.

But it’s only Fourth of July. I’m sure they’ll be hamburgers and hotdogs at the party. I’m hoping for some veggies, since my friend did thoughtfully ask what I could and couldn’t eat. So- if I do want a hamburger, I will definitely need to avoid the bun at all costs. That won’t be too terribly bad, right? And I don’t need any sweet treats. I’m ok without that. As long as it’s not cheesecake… My weakness!!!!

BUT- here’s the real conundrum: what do I drink all day? Don’t say water… Seriously. I like vodka. We go back a long time and have had our rough patches but it’s always been there for me.

I started last year drinking vodka with sprite zero to save cals. I forget- are there still carbs in zero? I know my redbull zero is no carbs, no calories and no sugar but not sure about sprite. Oh- but redbull?! I could drink vodka with some redbull zero I think.

I also was wondering about adding it to my crystal light. Like water and crystal light with vodka but I don’t know how that would taste. I had a trainer once tell me to put crystal light in straight vodka but I’m not in my 20s anymore- not quite sure if I’m up for all that.

So what are your thoughts? The more I think about it, I don’t want to give in and have a cheat day. I don’t want to set myself back just because it happens to be a holiday and they’ll be lots of temptation.

But I’m going to need a plan so I can stay on track and not make this disastrous.

Oh- maybe I should fill up and eat before I go, too. I may still be tempted to munch, but at least I wouldn’t be starving and hopefully I can save calories this way.

Any other thoughts or ideas?

What are your plans for the fourth?


12 thoughts on “Surviving the holiday…

  1. Sparkling water with some sort of flavoring! (Or just on its own.) My weakness has always been Diet Coke, and I traded it for sparkling water. It makes me feel like I’m drinking something more exciting than just plain old water. πŸ™‚ I’ve also seen plain water with lemons, limes, watermelon, etc added to it that works pretty well for a low/no calorie option that’s not just plain-Jane water.

    • Awesome! Now that you mention if, target has these sparkling waters I used to buy sometimes, just for something different. They have different flavors and I think that will work perfectly! I’ll have to make a target run before the party! Thanks!

  2. I can’t remember if you’re eating low carb or not, but if you are be aware of hotdogs. 1 hotdog won’t hurt you, but most hotdogs have at least 1 or 2 carbs in them, and nix the bun – you can still have the chili sauce though, just make sure you go light on it πŸ™‚ I’d stick to a hamburger, no bun, with lettuce / tomato / onion, etc or, even better – grilled chicken if they have it! Fruits that are lower in carbs are the melons and berries – try to steer clear of the oranges, bananas, etc. Frozen grapes are a great way to make yourself feel like you’re getting a nice sweet treat, too. As for veggies – try to stick to the green ones if possible, but if you can’t – carrots are better than chips πŸ™‚ And definitely try the sparkling water idea – you could probably add the crystal light to it and feel like you’re not missing anything!

    • Thanks! I’m not very successful at the low carb thing but I’m watching my carbs and working to get better and lower them. If I eat according to plan I’ll be at 47 carbs today, which should really be lower. My protein will be at 125 though, which is my main focus. So happy about that at least.

      • You know, 47 carbs is not bad at all. People unknowingly consume way too many everyday – like 2-3 times as many as they actually need! It sounds like you’re doing it right! Just by cutting white starches down you’re going in the right direction! Good for you!

      • Great! I did find this weight watchers chicken breast last week with no carbs and only 140 cals. And you can cook it right in the oven. Excited to try it- may be my new go-to food!

  3. So how did it go?

    Personally I try to eat before I go…so I will think about what I eat. If I eat it’s purely greed, as I know I’m not hungry.

    Re: drinking, I’d say a glass of dry white wine or water would be my go to/ But I see one or 2 glasses of wine over the weekend, does my weight no favours, so i prefer to just cut the wine out completely.

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