Making the most of Monday!

Each day is a new opportunity and I’ve decided to make the most of my Monday.

I started off at the gym this am with a little cardio and then my trainer. I’ve made wise food choices all day and have dinner planned out already. Even though I could hit my step goal without walking at home, I’m also still planning to at least do a mile tonight.

Feeling pretty good about my progress, despite my hiccup over the weekend. I’m in this for the long haul and I’m making lasting positive changes. I may fall down again, but you can be sure I’ll always get back up!

Excited and nervous for week 4 weigh in on Friday. I definitely hurt myself on the scale over the weekend. I am trying to still manage a loss for the week. We shall see how that goes. Progress pics are on the agenda too. First month is always hard, because you really can’t see a difference yet. But that’s why you just have to keep going!

This blog, weekly weigh-ins, and monthly progress pics are some of the things I do to keep myself accountable. What is working for you?

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