If every day were like today…

So, for my fellow mfp peeps, you should recognize that phrase. “If every day were like today, you would weigh xxx in 5 weeks”. Well, today that number pleasantly surprised me! It feels like a less-ginormous number. Granted, I know it’s still huge, but it’s smaller than I’ve been in awhile.

It’s about 20lbs less than what I weigh now. In just 5 weeks! Personally, their predictions never seem to hold true for me either way, but just to see that number was encouraging.

I was actually too low on cals today (under 1200) and increased my exercise (having the most steps yet today since starting back!) so every day will most certainly NOT be like today. But, still… That number IS in my future! I can’t wait to see it on the scale.

I also just got my weekly fitbit progress report, which I was totally excited about. Last week I said I would hit my daily step goal of 5000 – and I did!

My best day was over 7000 steps and my daily average was over 5000. Woot! I did it! One goal, met! Feels good, especially after the weekend I had.


Oh I also rose in the rankings from 170 (I believe) to 135. So, I’m pretty darned happy with this progress report!

Oh- and another positive about today; I became a cook! Cooking is not exactly my forte, but I created a little chicken dish tonight that was actually quite tasty. 375 cals per serving, which feels like a lot to me, but my friend assures me it’s ok. I struggle with calories and what’s ok… More work to be done there…

I love that I started this day on a high note, and I’m most certainly ending on one as well! Hooray for small victories!

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