Another lb down… 85 to go

I only lost 1 lb this week, which I was a little disappointed about. Until I talked to a friend at work. She reminded me what a lb of fat looks like- how can I not be happy that is gone?

So I’m trying to readjust my attitude and put the week in perspective. My calories were on point-low most of the week, but Sunday was a mess and I also didn’t walk any this week hardly. So one lb down is still one more lb closer to my goal.

This morning I’ve already walked 1.75 miles and did 30min with my trainer, who really worked me hard today. So the day is off to a great start! I’m also focusing on feeding myself better and not skipping meals this coming week. Last week I may not have had the calories, but I still didn’t lose much.

I’ve got to eat I fuel my body and also get my workouts in. Goals for next week!

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