The scale said what?!?!

Week 5 Weigh Day went worse than anticipated. I knew I was off track ALL week (since Saturday) but I was not prepared for what I read this morning.

I did weigh in clothes, but that only accounts for 1-2lbs. The scale said- brace yourself- that I was UP 7 lbs. SEVEN. In ONE week. 😳😫

*deep breath* I am trying very hard not to freak out and try anything extreme again. I was too restrictive a couple weeks ago and that didn’t work well for me. What works is eating 1400-1500 calories a day every day and walking. How hard is that?

*more deep breaths*

My plan of attack for next week:
-Eat 3 meals/day Every day
-Eat between 1400-1500 calories
-Walk at least 1 mile at least 3 days
-Eat veg 2/day and fruit 1/day

I’m very carb conscious because of past diets and Dr’s so eating fruits and veg may seem easy to you, but it’s not for me. Not that I don’t like them, because I definitely do, it just stressed me out and I’ve been fully avoiding fruit and minimizing vegetables.

I had a phone consultation with a dietician through my insurance lifestyle coaching program yesterday. She explained how these sugars and carbs actually react differently in our body, and my trainer said as much this morning as well. So I’m going to work really hard to let go of thinking I need to eat super low cals (800-1000) or eliminate all carbs. Contrary to my belief, apparently all carbs are not the devil. I’m still working to buy into that.

So I have a plan and I’m officially waging war on my fat cells.

I am still determined to lose the weight by my wedding. I still have time. I *cannot* afford another week like this past week, but at least I still have plenty of time to get back on track.

Today means I’m officially off schedule for the first time in 5 weeks. I am determined to get the numbers back on track to meet my goal. It’s totally doable I just have to be strong and work hard.


2 thoughts on “The scale said what?!?!

    • I was cutting out fruits and veg bc of carbs. And sugar on the fruit. But the nutritionist told me ur body processes that differently than refined sugar or bread. So I am going to try being balanced.

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