Back on track

Actually Day 2 post-binge-a-thon. Yesterday I only are around 1000 calories but at least I wasn’t over-eating anymore. Today I am trying hard to hit my goal of 1400-1500/day.

It’s really important for me to learn to start consistently eating at a healthy level. I’m also really working hard to eat 3 meals every day. No skipping or just protein shakes anymore. Real food.

I’m still working to balance my meals out better, calorie-wise. But it’s a work in progress and I’m doing better and consciously thinking about it at least.

I vowed to my nutritionist the other day I would begin eating one fruit per day. I haven’t regularly eaten fruit in *years* because of sugars and carbs. For awhile I didn’t eat veg because of carbs either, but I love them so much I had started to again.

But she explained how the body breaks it down differently and today I ate a half an apple with some peanut butter as a snack. I am also supposed I eat veg twice a day, increasing it from once a day some days to twice a day all days. Am not going to hit that goal today, but now that I’ve thought about it I will try to at least work veg I to my dinner.

I’m happy to be back on track and trying to let go of my slip up, while still keeping it in mind. I don’t want to I backwards and I need to stay motivated. I have a very long road ahead of me.

I also noticed when I was blogging regularly I was doing better. So- expect more posts from me!

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