Daily steps

I’ve finally decided to increase my daily step goal to 7000. Previously I was trying to get 5000/day and to be honest I haven’t been consistently hitting that goal.

But I’m tired of being where I am and I’ve decided it’s time to push harder. I eventually want to get back up over 10,000/day, but that will take time.

I think it’s time to push myself to hit 7000/day, though. I did +7600 on Saturday just from running errands and cleaning for +8 hrs.

Today I am already close to 5000, thanks to my gym time before work this am. Had my trainer today, too, so that’s always a nice way to start off the week!

To be honest, my food choices have been deteriorating over the past week.

But, starting effective immediately, I am determined to get back on track and stay there.

I like to “start over” on a new day, but all that does is give me an excuse to eat poorly the remainder of the current day. So we’re not doing that this time! It ends now.

I’m tired of being fat and unhappy. I’m also looking into a new food plan- I know people who have been successful, but it doesn’t include counting calories, so it basically completely freaks me out. But I agreed to get more information on it before I make up my mind.

Ultimately I have to do what works for me. I am extremely reluctant to just stopping counting calories, because to me when I don’t count, I try to get away with things. But I am working on making this a lasting, healthy lifestyle, so I’m at least going to be open enough to check it out.

More to come on that… For now my focus for this week will be increasing my steps! And I’ve got to work hard(er) at eating 3 balanced meals/day. No skipping, no fast food, no binging.

Wish me luck- and determination!

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