316 Days until the wedding šŸ‘°

Starting over, Day 1: so far, so good!

I ate breakfast and lunch and am on target for my calories for the day. I will need to walk awhile when I get home tonight to get my steps in. But I’m going to do it!

I have 316 days left to lose —– I don’t know how many lbs. I forgot to weigh this am for a new starting point. Bit keys just call it 100.

With 45 weeks left until my wedding, to lose 100 lbs starting now is still only 2.2 lbs/wk. totally doable and track healthy still.

So from here on out, it is war. I will not stop and I will not give up. IMG_5340.JPG

I started because I want to feel beautiful in my wedding dress! I want to be the beautiful bride I’ve always dreamed of! šŸ‘°

My engagement photo shoot is potentially only 43 days away! Still trying to figure that out, thanks to the hiccup with the location being closed for renovations.

I can still lose some weight before then, though. And dress shopping is in November- so that will be here in no time! I’ve got to be down and prove I am doing this. No excuses.


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