I’m having the *worst* day. Normally that would mean I would also be having the worst possibility day nutritionally as well, but so far I’m keeping my food intake under control. I have had a few snacks (instead of one) but I’m still on track with calories for the day. I think I will be ok.

I’m happy I’m logging and not using my awful mood as an excuse to eat. Feels good to do what I know is right and healthy- even if I’m not perfect.


I’m certain I’ve posted that before, but I thought it was worth the reminder: strive for progress, not perfection. How true is that? I am certainly far from perfect but I really have made such progress.

So, I’m going to keep taking deep breaths, get some more caffeine, and keep pushing. Things could always be worse- and no, I don’t need the universe to prove that to me! I believe it!!!

2 thoughts on “Argh!

    • Thanks. I am in the absolutely worst mood still, but I’m working hard not to just eat my feelings away and instead sit with them. Which I don’t much care for, but, I have to. Blah

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