Consider yourself warned


Well I woke up this morning, walked 1.25 miles – which I know isn’t far at all, but I haven’t been walking and pushed myself. I wanted to stop around .6 miles. I’ve also *finally* gotten my snacking back under control- yay!

Feeling really good about today and the fact that I am truly back on track. Feel so much better about myself.

Oh- and I weighed this am (a day early- as usual lol) and I am down 2lbs over last week. Which is really still up 6 lbs from my low last month. So, still a ways to go, but finally heading back in the right direction.

I only need to lose 2.2lbs/wk to hit my goal by my wedding still, so we’re all good there. Still totally doable but I really can’t afford any more detours.

So- I’m eating right, exercising, and sober- woot! That’s something to celebrate- but not with food or wine!

Celebrating the small victories…

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