Week 8 Recap


This week the greatest lesson I learned is that I have to believe in myself. 

All in all it was a good week. Got back on track not just with nutrition but also with exercise and the improvement in my attitude is noticeable. 

I don’t feel great about my progress over all, though. Getting off track for those couple of weeks really hurt me. Overall. I’m currently only down about 8lbs since starting, which is actually less than I lost in the first week! I’ve lost about a month of progress, because my goal was losing 2lbs/wk. So, at 8 weeks in, I should be down 16lbs, not 8. 

However, I can still achieve my goal to be 100 lbs down for the gown! It is 307 days until my wedding, so just about 44 weeks. I need to lose 2lbs/wk *EVERY* week and I will still be able to hit my goal. 

That means no more getting off track. Considering that I have a cruise coming up in about 3 wks, I’m a bit nervous about this. I had planned on eating a little more freely on the cruise, but I can’t allow that to get me off track again. I’m going to have to eat smart and make sure I stay active. Eating right is really going to be a challenge on the boat. So much food, everywhere you look! 

We’re not going to buy the alcohol program, so we won’t be drinking very much. That will help save a lot of calories right there. But I’m really going to have to control my urge to order room service and eat between meals. And also keep my dinner portions and desserts under control. Uhg- I’m getting stressed. 

Ok- Focus on what I have achieved: I’m down 8lbs, which is actually a lot of fat, if you think about it. 5lbs of fat is huge and gross, so I’m down more than that. And I’m going to keep going down and down and by the time my wedding gets here I will not be at my ultimate goal, but I’ll be able to be down around 100lbs, which is phenomenal. 

This is a long and lifelong journey. It’s going to be important for me to keep believing in myself, above all else. I’m my worst enemy… 

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