30 cals over

Going to end the day at 30 calories over, but, I’ll take it. So hard to consistently hit those goals. I was super snacky today and thought I destroyed my day, so I’m happy enough that I’m only going to be over by 30 calories.

I have to get better at hitting my calorie goals every single day. Events are starting in less than a month and I’m not where I should be. I have a long way to go to get down 100lbs by the wedding and it’s starting to get real.

Our cruise is in 12 days, and I am really still concerned about being able to stay on track while on vacation. There’s so much temptation it’s insane. It’s so easy to eat over cals and not even think about it.

I’m glad we aren’t doing the alcohol program because that will save me a LOT of calories. But part or me still wants to do it, even though I know I shouldn’t. I plan on having a couple drinks on the cruise, but that’s it. I’ve seriously got to stick to that. I can’t just drink myself into a million calories.

So stressed with everything going on and so scared of failing. I hate to verbalize that, but deep down I’m afraid I’m still going to be exactly where I am now for my wedding. I just absolutely cannot let that happen.

I realized this weekend I have gone up about 6 dress sizes since meeting my fiancé. SIX!!!! How does that happen?!

Ok- I’ve got to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize. I have to see myself as a thinner bride. A beautiful bride. I know I’m capable of doing this I just have to be wiling to put in the effort.

How do you stay on track long term?

4 thoughts on “30 cals over

  1. Try drinks that don’t have juice or syrups in them. Like a Tom Collins or a martini. There are fewer calories and sugar in them.

  2. So, soap box for a moment, you are beautiful no matter your size. And, I’m sure you fiance loves you no matter what

    That being said, I went up 10 dress sizes after meeting my boyfriend/fiance/husband. It’s something about that “new relationship black hole” that just expands the waist line. I’ve always said that boys make me fat! lol.

    As for the long term. I guess I’ve been at it 11 months now. I’ve had my set backs, and I’m certainly not losing a lot. But, I have found that finding activities that I actually enjoy keep me working out more often. Finding foods within the calorie budget that myfitnesspal gives me that I actually crave help me look forward to my meals and sticking to my budget. But, in general, at least for the goals I have in MyFitnessPal, I don’t think 30 calories over would be a huge weight gain at the end of the week. If anything, 30 calories can be burned in dancing to a couple of your favorite songs 🙂

    As for vacation… Boy! I have a tough time there, too. I agree, find drinks that are lower in calories. Stick to water when you can. I have found that since I’ve started asking for a slice of lemon in a water, I actually enjoy drinking my water at restaurants. It gives the water a flavor, and turns it into an actual “drink” to me.

    I dunno if this matters for you, but I notice the more pressure and negative emotions I put on myself in terms of my weight loss goals, the harder it is for me in general. Remember, if shame (even shame you give yourself) was an effective motivator to weight loss, no one would be over weight.

    • That’s so true. I have to work on being more positive. It’s not really my nature, people tell me I’m hard on myself. I’ve heard it enough times it must be true. I will work on changing that frame of mind.

      I think eating things I enjoy more will help with meeting my calorie goals consistently. I think I was being a bit too strict too soon and it just wasn’t appetizing to me.

      We will see how this goes. So far off to a good start again today. 😊

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