Checking in… 4 days Til cruising

I’ve been hanging in there although I know I overage this weekend. No “bad” foods but too much quantity. I also could have opted to skip the bread…. Blah.

We leave on vacation in 4 short days and I’m still stressed about how I’m going to do on the trip. I can’t afford to gain.

While speaking with my mom this evening she reminded me that when we went on a 10-day cruise for her 50th a couple years ago, we both did really well. I maintained my weight even while on the cruise. I have to do that again. I think last years cruise I had a minimal gain. So, it can be done.

I just need to stick to my plan and not waver, which will be pretty hard. I love me some frozen cocktails on a cruise!

But; I’ve got to keep reminding myself to keep my eye on the prize and that it’s entirely doable to maintain my weight at least.

Going to weigh Friday beforehand and then I’ll weigh Friday right after we get back. Wish me luck!

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