Counting calories ends now


I never imagined I would ever say this, but I’m no longer counting calories. At all. Which is terrifying and liberating.

Here’s why: when I was counting calories I would completely still eat total crap, so long as it fit into my calories. I wasn’t eating healthy. I wouldn’t eat any fruit, I did eat veg but not as much as I should, and my protein choices were honestly horrendous.

So, my new approach is to just focus on clean eating. I’m done putting crap in my body. I am going to fuel and nourish my body.

Great tip that I’ve heard before but am now going to follow: shop the perimeter of the grocery store only. And really, everything you need is there.

So I am going to keep eating my fruit, like I started earlier this week and will work to get veg in twice per day right now and at least some kind of protein with every meal. Good protein, not junk.

It’s all about clean eating for me right now. And I’m committing to increasing my gym time to 3/wk right now. I’ll up this again as I go along and get a bit stronger. But I need a realistic goal to start with.

I feel good about this decision. It’s a bit scary, but I think I’m going to be more successful with this change in how I think about food and eating. Wish me luck!

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