I said “yes”‘to the dress!

Tonight I took another big step and said “yes” to the dress! I was pretty nervous about this experience and worried that because I’m so fat I was going to break down in tears and nothing would look decent on me and it was going to be an awful and traumatizing experience.

But it wasn’t! I had a good time and felt like a bride. Some styles were not flattering but there were some that looked nice.

Of course the dress I’ve been swooning over online wasn’t available in my size to try on- I was worried about that. But I tried on a similar cut/style and when I walked out- that time only- everyone “ooo’d”.

And I at least got to see it in person. I kept coming back to it. It was *the* dress! I’m so excited!

So here’s the catch- it doesn’t come in my current dress size, so I had to buy it like 2-4 sizes smaller than what I am now.

Soooooo….. I literally have to lose weight to even be able to fit into this dress. Thankfully I had my realization like yesterday and this is just making me even more serious about getting and staying back on track.

It’s not an option to be the size I am now for my wedding. Technically, yes, they could add a panel/corset back and I could have the dress taken out, worst case scenario. But that’s not happening.

I am losing the weight to fit the dress and then some! I’ve only got 18 more sessions left with my trainer so that’s 9 more weeks left. I’m not just focusing blindly on calories now- I’m trying to eat clean.

It’s not just about the wedding, it’s still about getting healthy and living my life and feeling “free” and enjoying myself again. But the dress is certainly good motivation.

So excited that I’ve officially said “yes” to my beautiful dress! I’m really going to be a bride!

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