Weigh day

Well I had a nice surprise this morning when I weighed myself: I weigh less than expected!

I was 296-299 when I weighed last week, after getting back from the cruise. I didn’t realize it at first, but now I know there must have been water weight in that.

Today’s weight? 286lbs.

That means I have 39 weeks to lose 87 lbs, which equates to an average of 2.2lbs/week. Completely attainable!

I’m glad I’m down more than expected- was a great surprise this morning and great way to start my day.

So I also bit the bullet this morning and finally had one of the yogurts I bought. It has fruit in the bottom, which I think makes a huge difference for me! I can do that a few times a week realistically. I also had string cheese with it, per my trainer.

I brought in a piece of meatloaf for lunch- meant to bring veg too, but forgot them. I’ve got to get up to 2 servings of veg/day.

All in all I’m feeling really optimistic right now. I’ve got my trainer tomorrow morning and I’ve got to get there early enough to do some decent cardio too. Then I’ve really got to get up Saturday and go to spin that morning.

I have to really step up my game and give this all I’ve got.

2 thoughts on “Weigh day

    • Thanks much! I actually love Brocoli, cauliflower and carrots so it’s not that I dislike veg I just don’t think to get then in, and def not in the quantity that I should. But I’m working on it! Yes I think my goal is totally attainable as well. I’m pretty excited about this process. Another day of clean eating under my belt now! Woot!

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