Finally Friday

Started my day off on a decent note this morning: got up later than I wanted so I only got in 20min on the treadmill before my trainer. But, hey, I still worked out!

Trying to mentally talk myself into committing to go to spin tomorrow morning. The mental battle is by far 100 times harder than the physical one.

I need to go, because I didn’t get in all my sessions this week and I need to make up for it. Plus I’m almost always up early on the weekends, and spin doesn’t start until 830.

So what is the problem you ask? Laziness…. Why is that? Do you have any tricks to make yourself do something?

I just need to get back in the habit of going to the gym more. When I was really into it last year, it wasn’t a question. I just *had* to go. No options.

Now I debate back and forth and make up excuses (I have a friend coming over at noon and I have so much cleaning I need to get done, for ex).

*sigh* like Nike says, JUST DO IT!

Other than that the rest of my day has been pretty decent too. Nothing insanely exciting (except my iPhone 6 arriving- woot!) but I ate clean again today and am still really feeling good about the recent changes.

Just have to keep going and not give up or give in. I’m going to win. Big time.

One thought on “Finally Friday

  1. Girl good for you eating clean that is soooo hard to me. I find its hard to go to the gym so I do workout videos at home or just walk because I know once the video starts at least I’m going to do a little if not the whole thing. Its weird going some where to work out is just hard for me 😦

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