Engagement Session

The day started off entirely wet and rainy but by the time we drove 2 hrs north the sun was out! It was quite hot and muggy for the engagement session, but I’m just thankful the weather held out while we were there!

Photos are a lot more work than fun, I’ll say that much! But I am hopeful that we get some nice shots out of it.

I only need four shots for the save the dates! The rest of the pics can be crap for all I care, just so long as we have four!!!

I forgot to grab breakfast before we left the house at 8am and we didn’t finish the shoot until after 12, so we needed to grab something to eat on the go.

Instead of succumbing to fast food and just doing what was cheap and easy, we stopped at walgreens. I just got some cheese and pecans to snack on, which is all I’ve eaten today.

But I’m really happy I didn’t get fast food or junk food. We just got to my dads for Sunday dinner so I’ll be eating soon enough now.

All in all today was a pretty good day!

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