Portions and Planning


I am by no means picture perfect at clean eating yet, but I’m certainly working on it. One thing I definitely need to work on is my portions.

I did some more research last night on clean eating (ok. It was Pinterest…). Found some great tips though. There are a couple things I can work on, but portion control is definitely my weakness.

Even though I’m eating nourishing foods doesn’t mean I don’t have to pay attention to portions. I have not been this far. I had stopped logging calories, which I think was a mistake. I’m not so focused on them, but I think it’s good just to keep an eye on where I am daily.

With that in mind, I logged my day yesterday and I was under 800 calories. Only 51g protein. I definitely could have done better. Calories were on the low side, but I didn’t have snacks yesterday, which I have been most days.

But I’m still not eating balanced meals. For example, all I had yesterday until dinner was two granola bars. I let myself run out of options at work, which I can’t do anymore. I’ve got to get better at planning, which is also a big part of clean eating.

Today I am doing better- half a yogurt before the gym this morning and a protein shake when I got to work. Not sure what I’m doing for lunch or my second snack today. Which is no bueno. I’ll probably just have a second protein shake.

I’ve decided to take planning more seriously as well. I kept coming across this lady night, too. My trainer and my friend who is helping me have both tried to get me to do this better.

Going forward, I’m going to go grocery shopping on Sunday’s and prepare by meals for the week. At least my lunches. And have breakfast and snacks planned out, too. Dinner I can make fresh when I get home, but we’ll re-evaluate as I go along.

Last night I ate two hamburgers (plain) and a whole bag of steamed veg. Talk about an unbalanced day. So I ate well, but I didn’t eat properly yesterday. I think I’m getting into this clean eating thing more, which is good. I *want* to do well and do better.

I’m not going to be perfect overnight, but I am going to continue to make better choices as I go along. It’s about developing a sustainable, healthy eating pattern.

Clean eating is my new way of life. I’m so glad I have turned this journey into being more than just a quick fix to fit s dress. I’m so happy I’m truly working towards adopting a balanced diet and getting healthy. The weight loss will come naturally, as a result of my good choices, which will develop into lifelong habits.

I feel so positive and I dare say also less stressed, which is undoubtedly good, but highly unusual for me. I tend to obsess and stress myself out and beat myself up.

This past week I’ve not had one reason to beat myself up. I did get my scale back working and weighed this morning and I’m not where I thought, and definitely not where I want to be. The scale read 294 lbs.

But, I’m actually not obsessing and recalculating how many lbs I must lose each week to hit my goal. I’m trusting the process because I know I’m making good decisions and I know results will come. I’m even glad that at least I have an accurate reading now of where I really am.

Here’s hoping that it’s all downhill from here!

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