Small changes ahead…

Small changes can definitely make a big difference! I think making small changes, as opposed to big, swooping changes, are a lot easier to live with and to maintain.

I’m almost done with week 2 of clean eating, as week 3 starts on Tuesday. Feeling pretty good about that. Especially since I haven’t been really struggling with this way of eating.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m definitely not perfect- well, in any regards, really! But I’m not the model clean eater, that’s for sure. I did eat the rest of the beef I had over the weekend (as opposed to wasting it) although I did not buy any more. I also am still drinking crystal light, but I’m not buying any more of that, either. And I only had one crystal light today, compared to normally having several per day.

I did buy fruit to add to water this weekend. I definitely need to work on that, but I’m learning! And really, I need to just get better at drinking plain water. Today I definitely drank a lot less than I have been, because I forgot my giant water bottle. So that is not good. Again- goes back to planning.

But, I did bring food for breakfast today and I had a protein shake for lunch. I want to start bringing “real food” for lunch, and doing the shakes as snacks, but not quite there yet. Working on it!

My portions are also still a work in progress. But, as one of my favorite motivational quotes says, it’s about progress, not perfection!

I feel really good in general and really positive about this lifestyle change. I feel like I’m making changes I can live with, and even more so, changes I *want* to live with- I want to maintain these changes and continue to improve. I’m not sure I’ve ever approached weight loss this way.

I always felt I was being deprived or even punished for not being able to eat however I wanted. So I was never fully happy with any diet, because I always wanted to eat other foods. This time it’s about being healthy and really a lifestyle change, not a diet. I don’t want those foods anymore- at least not like I did.

I will admit to considering going to McDonald’s over the weekend. I was hungry and out of food. But instead, I decided to go to the grocery store and stock up. Better choice. Much better choice! So it’s not like these things are just completely magically gone. I’m still me. I’ll still struggle with certain things.

But I want this. I want to succeed and keep getting better and better. So I’m going to keep making small, doable changes as I go along.


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