Twice as nice

Yesterday I weighed myself, and could not believe what the scale said was accurate. It said I was down 10lbs in under a week. So, I resisted the weigh-day Wednesday posts and re-weighed myself again this morning: I settled with 8lbs down! I guess the second time is the charm this week!

Start weight: 299
Current weight: 280

I was back around 299 after the cruise. I am really down 19 lbs in a matter of weeks. I’m attributing it all to changing to clean eating 3 weeks ago.

Seeing the scale move is great, especially the progress I’ve made the past 2-3 weeks, but what’s even better is that I wore an old pair of pants yesterday, in a size I hadn’t been able to fit into. Now that’s progress! Something tangible, I can feel.


I really feel like clean eating is a life changer for me. It’s bigger than just the food.

I’m learning that I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to try my best. Make the best decision I can at the time, and then work to do better. When I do eat something that isn’t “clean eating approved” I don’t feel guilt or shame, which is a huge change for me. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything that will screw up my diet.

I’m using Splenda still, after trying to flavor water with fruit. It’s not quite the same and I decided it was ok to use Splenda for a little while. Right now, for where I am, Splenda helps me get in my gallon of water a day. That’s more important to me. I eventually do want to cut it out, but it’s ok for me to use it for now.

So I feel 110% fine with the choices I have made the last three weeks and that’s a really good feeling. I feel like I’m constantly eating, yet it’s ok. I’ve never experienced that before.

There was always so much guilt and shame around food for me. Now I’m eating to nourish my body, and I feel absolutely amazing, and mentally that struggle is just nonexistent now.

It’s like this giant weight has been lifted off me. I never knew eating could be so stress free. It’s really remarkable.

I’m so happy where I am right now. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m getting there. I’m confident I will get there.

I don’t know the exact magic number or size I’ll be at for my wedding, but I do know it will be a world away from where I am today. I’m so excited to continue on this journey and see how far I can go.

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