To drink or not to drink…

Saturday night I’m supposed to go out with friends for a balls to the wall kinda night. Which, I was super excited about and looking forward to… Until my trainer asked me this morning what my plans were for the weekend.

My face soured and she was like, uh oh- what are doing? So I told her the plan. I should also mention I loooove a good night of drinking with friends. We planned on getting hotels too, so everyone could crash safely and we could all freely enjoy ourselves.

So we talked about some possible options (vodka and sprite zero, if they had it or vodka and soda water with crystal light). Shortly after I got to work, I made a decision: I’m not drinking. At all.

My trainer was 110% right when she said one drink turns to two which turns into…. You know. I also had a really great week and am 3 weeks into eating clean. I’ve done really well, I feel amazing, and my trainer said she could tell by how I looked (less puffy eyes and glowing skin) that I had a really good week. Im also down that 8lbs, which is nothing to sneeze at.

So- no drinky drink for me! I’m kinda bummed, and while I know it’s possible, I’ve never been one of those who can still have fun while others drink. But- I’m going to try something new this weekend!

At first I thought about just canceling and not going at all. It would be easier- no temptation. But why should I shy away from friends and having fun just because I’m eating well and making healthy choices? Surely I can not drink for one evening.

So- that’s the plan for this weekend! This way Sunday won’t be wasted on a hangover either! I have things to do!

6 thoughts on “To drink or not to drink…

  1. I’ve found that every time I’ve planned to drink over the past few months, I’ve just decided not to do it. I know from past weight loss attempts that I’m much more successful at losing weight and sticking to a plan if I just don’t allow myself to go down that path. For me, it’s not worth it anymore. Not only are there the booze calories, but then you HAVE to eat something before bed, and when you’re hungover the next day, it’s more crappy/greasy food.

    • Well, my weekend was cancelled, so didn’t have to face temptation! But, I think I’m going to continue avoiding drinking for now. Like you, I think I’m more successful without it. No need to go down that path! Not worth it

      • When I started this journey, I told myself that I wouldn’t drink for the first 30 days in order to set myself up for success. I just passed the 60-day mark, and I still haven’t had anything to drink (ok, I had one carefully measured serving of SkinnyGirl Margarita, which I didn’t even like and wouldn’t drink again if you paid me)!

      • That’s really great! I don’t remember the last time I drank exactly, but I’m 3 weeks in to clean eating so I’ll use that as my starting point. It’s not worth the extra cals or how it makes ur body feel

  2. Have you ever tried doing a sober month? You feel AWESOME at the end of the month and it’s easier to tell your friends “i’ll come out but remember I’m not drinking this month!” to avoid pressure on you to drink. Plus not having a hangover for a month means feeling better for the gym 😛 xx

    • Love that! I’m thinking of having a sober several months! Until close to the wedding, say around the bachelorette weekend I will of course drink and at the wedding. But until then, I think I’m going sober!

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