Treating yourself

It’s funny how your definitions of things change. Even just a few weeks ago, if you’d ask me what it meant to “treat myself” I’d probably have said something like eating out (the most awful food of course- not a nice healthy dinner out) or having a piece of cake, or glass (ok- bottle) of wine.

Now, tonight, as I sit here eating my protein and veg packed salad, I thought to myself that I treated myself by having some black olives on the salad. I also had a little dressing (tried buying a “healthier” option) so really, that’s a treat too. I also think it’s a bit of a treat to eat a handful of nuts (almonds- of course no salt or anything, just plain almonds). I know nuts are high in fat, but it’s the “good” fat, and I enjoy having some most days.

A few weeks ago, let alone in the years past, I never would have thought of any kind of salad as a treat! Olives are a yummy snack and great on some pizza- pizza might be a treat, but not just the olives!

I really feel quite encouraged when I notice these little changes in my thinking. Because that’s really where the problem lies- in my thinking.

I used to have such negative thoughts around food. I hated it and loved it at the same time, but it created so much stress and guilt and anxiety.

Now eating actually makes me happy- perhaps for the first time in my life.

I know I’ve mentioned when I was younger, I used to be bulimic. Eating was a constant battle and i struggled and obsessed with food literally constantly. Then around the time I stopped purging is when my bad eating habits first started to become a big problem (lots of fast food, junk, etc). It made me feel so shameful after I “indulged”. I hated myself and I hated food.

To turn that around and eat to fuel my body and get nutrients and to feel so amazing, it’s 180 degrees different from where I was for so many years. Years and years and years I wasted.

It’s really been life changing, even though it’s only been a few weeks now. I feel so different in so many ways. I feel more alert (and am taking significantly less caffeine) and I just feel “good”. I think I said before I didn’t know o felt “bad” before, but the improvement in my mood and disposition and just in general is very noticeable.

It’s nice to know I can still treat myself in my new lifestyle, and do it in a way that really makes me feel good. I truly enjoy it- I’m not sitting there beating myself up afterwards.

I hope you find a way to treat yourself today!

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