Sunday Funday

My idea of sunday Funday is having a cleaning spree and prepping meals for the week! I got up and went to Publix and back before 830 am and then had some breakfast before I started my clean spree.

I’ve cleaned and sanitized most of the kitchen, washed a load of dishes and am on my third load of laundry. I’ve also cleaned the half bath downstairs. Oh- and I cooked my chicken for the week, so I can start prepping my meals in a few minutes.

Right now I’m feeling lazy, so I figured I’d take a moment to write. At least I’m still being semi-productive while sitting on the couch (waiting for the caffeine to kick in!).

I’m having a good weekend so far. Except that I stepped on the scale this am. It was around 9-930a, with light clothes on, but I was somehow up 7lbs. I know that isn’t right. I’ve been eating right and doing really well and clothes are stating to fit which haven’t.

So, I’m breaking down and buying a new scale tonight. I know I’m making progress, but I need to see the results accurately on the scale, too.

But otherwise I’m feeling really positive still! Things are going great, and I’m doing all the right things. Life is very good!

I guess I should get up and finish prepping my meals and making my house sparkling clean! Hope you are having a great weekend as well!

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