Pay no attention to the scale

My scale struggle continues…. After being down 8 lbs, my scale showed me up 7 when I weighed a few days later. I replaced the batteries and I don’t move my scale, it sits on tile in the same spot, so I can’t figure out why such discrepancies. I have still been eating clean and doing really well on calories, plus I’m fitting into a couple bottoms that I previously couldn’t wear. So, I know I’m not gaining. But what is going on?!

I told this to my trainer yesterday and how frustrated I am, and she told me not to stress the scale. I’m seeing results, so that should confirm I am on the right track.

Yet I’m totally hung up on those stupid 3-digits! I’m doing everything right, and I should really see the scale continuing to drop consistently. Why are those three little numbers so important, when I know for sure I’m seeing results? You can’t fake fitting into clothes- well, to a point i suppose, but there was a definite difference.

I went ahead and bought a new scale yesterday. Going to set it up tonight and get a new base weight reading. I have to have somewhere to start. Then I can see week over week if I’m truly losing weight. I have to be…

It’s getting to the point where it’s getting harder. The newness of a new eating plan is wearing thin, and nows the make it or break it time period. This is where I messed up when I first started. I cannot afford to go backwards anymore. At all.

I think if I saw the results on the scale, it would help motivate me. Instead I’m just frustrated and obsessing. I’m trying to concentrate on he tangible wins, but I’m admittedly struggling a little. I need to learn to care less what the scale says and more about how I feel— which is still amazing.

I’m doing all the right things. If I keep this up, results are sure to follow. In the interim, I need to let go of being so controlled by the scale.

2 thoughts on “Pay no attention to the scale

  1. How often are you weighing yourself? Honestly, if I sneak on the scale mid-week, I’m usually at a gain, which only serves to freak me out and make me obsess. Because of this, I try to adhere to a strict once-a-week weighing!

    Keep plugging along! You are doing great!

    • I try to only weigh once a week, but with my scale acting up its been more often. I was trying to figure out where I actually was. Weighed this am on the new scale. Sadly, not where I wanted to be. But, now I know, and that number should be going down!

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