Sometimes you just have to satisfy the craving

I have been struggling the past couple days and yesterday was actually over my cals for the first time since I started eating clean. Not because I ate anything bad, but just because I ate too much.

What I’ve been wanting was simple: chocolate. I’ve been craving chocolate for days now. But that’s led to wanting to eat off plan in general. It’s been rough, for the first time since switching over to clean eating.

Last night I resisted the urge to buy chocolate and just ate extra salad and veggies. But, that didn’t satisfy my craving at all and just added calories I didn’t need or even want.

So, on my way home today, I went by Publix. I bought chocolate fruit dip and chocolate covered almonds. I also bought off plan by buying breaded chicken and fish- oh, and yogurt.

I am figuring that I should not gain by eating this food in proportion and keeping up with all my other good habits. I will not do this all the time, maybe once a month- at the most.

I’ve got to be able to maintain what I’m doing long term- this is a lifelong change. I’m not perfect or where I want to be yet, but I’m working on it. I didn’t get any potatoes or cheese or anything like that. So I don’t feel like I am going on some kind of binge or something.

I’m definitely not eating fast food (and I’ve been wanting ice cream and avoided buying that). I’m still trying to be smart in my choices.

I’m the first to admit I’m not perfect. Would I have rather just ignored the cravings and stayed 100% on track? Of course. But am I going to stress the fact that I ate 9 chocolate covered almonds before I had my veg tonight? Nope…. Ok, well, I’m sure going to try not to anyway.

I’m not quitting or falling off the bandwagon. I’m still trying to make better choices and eat clean. But instead of continuing to eat a bunch of other stuff I didn’t really want, and risk going into a binge or downward spiral because I kept denying myself something, I decided that sometimes you just have to satisfy that craving.

I guess we’ll find out how this works out for me soon enough!

6 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to satisfy the craving

    • Try not to feel badly! I think that contributes to binges. Like, we already feel bad, so why bother etc. I’m trying. I just logged my cals and if I can control myself the rest of the evening I will still hit my calorie goal today. Despite being super munchy at work and eating just because (instead of eating what I wanted and getting it over with)

  1. I have found that for me, satisfying cravings is the only way to do it. If I deprive myself of a craving, it only makes me miserable and then I end up binging on it later and feel even worse. Have desert, chocolate, whatever, as long as you stick to the moderation, and with practice, I’ve found that moderation does get easier!

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