Holiday Hesitance

I’m starting to worry about my fluctuating weight and the upcoming holiday season. It’s hard enough this time of year to maintain your weight, let alone trying to lose not even just a little, but needing to lose a decent amount.

Right now I have a wedding dress that absolutely does not fit. I know I still have 7 months to get down, but I’ve wasted at least 3 months already! If not more, actually…

That makes me feel very depressed about my prospects of losing this holiday season. We have our engagement party this Saturday, which they’ll be plenty of food of course, and thanksgiving next week at his sisters then I invited his family over for a sort of pre-holiday dinner the weekend of December 12th, then my mom and fam is coming over Christmas Eve and my dad and fam is coming over Christmas night. Every gathering will of course have tons of fatty foods….

Plus not only will I be tempted by the food itself, but I’ll have the stress of being a host for most of those as well.

I so love the holidays, and I’ve been having the best holiday-buzz going on, but now I’m getting a bit stressed. I’m very apprehensive going into this time of year.

Oh- not to mention after these holidays we’ll have NYE, which I’m certain to drink about a million calories that night, then my birthday the 4th and his the 26th. Then Valentines.

I mean it just goes on and on…

I’ve got to figure out how to navigate through this season and still shrink my waistline…

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