Slowly but surely

I haven’t decided one way or another about having weight loss surgery, but I do have an appointment, to get more information, the week of christmas.

In the meantime, I am doing the best I can to make healthy choices. I’m down a few lbs since last week, though I need to weigh again, after the weekend.

I did eat off plan a little this weekend, but it was minor (angel food cake with berries). Other than that, I did quite well, especially for a weekend.

I have not gone to the gym in a couple weeks though and the longer I wait, the more intimidated I become. There’s only one way to fix that, but I haven’t yet talked myself into going… I’m super self conscious, even more so now that it’s “resolution” time and I know regulars at the gym hate resolution people.

Maybe I will cancel my membership and just start walking my dog more? He would love that… Until I get more comfortable about going? I’m not sure…

So many things up in the air, but I’m trying just to chug along…

6 thoughts on “Slowly but surely

  1. You can do it! Sometimes even when I don’t feel like working out I’ll just force myself to go to the gym and just stretch or walk … just to feel like I went to the gym >. < even though I'm not doing much

  2. The exercise you do is the best exercise at all. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get ahead of myself and start thinking I can do these amazing workouts if I just try hard enough…. the thing is, thinking about working out hasn’t worked, ever. SO if you think you really can walk the dog more, do it. Anything is better than doing nothing and feeling bad about it. If there is a way to put your gym membership on hold, maybe consider that, because after a while of walking, you might suddenly want to do more. It happens, apparently.

    If you decide to keep trying at the gym, this is my recommendation……be mentally absent as much as possible. I like audiobooks, reading blogs or watching videos for this. The idea is to be engrossed in something (other than hating your time at the gym) so that you can lose track of time. There is nothing quite like the feeling of looking up and realizing that you burned 100s of calories and barely noticed it happening. The elliptical machine is very good for this. And if your mind is elsewhere, you aren’t thinking about the other people at the gym. You don’t have to kill yourself with your workouts, just move and you’re making progress.

    Anyway, it’s nice to read this post. It looks like you’ve rediscovered a hopeful attitude. Keep it up!

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