Birthday weekend

As anticipated, I am being completely awful this weekend. Chilis for dinner tonight (had to have queso one last time…) and then my mom asked us to lunch at Olive Garden tomorrow for my birthday and we are going out to dinner at red lobster with friends.

I know- lots of bad/fattening food in a short amount of time. But, starting Monday, I am back to being hardcore.

I’m not sure exactly how I’ll be eating yet. I have an appt Monday morning at 930 with the nutritionist in the surgeons office. I met with et before, when I was previously considering surgery and she put me on a high protein diet. Think all-meat, all the time. No veggies and def no carbs.

I’m wondering though, if they’re possibly going to start me on all liquids. I think you might have to be on liquids before the surgery, but I can’t remember. I know you definitely are for awhile after. So, with an expected January surgery date, I’m not sure what they’ll do.

Whatever they tell me to do, I’m going to follow it 100%. It’s time t do this for real.

I’ve tried on my own for a solid six months now, and unfortunately it didn’t happen. I’m going to post new “before” pics, because I think I’m actually up a few lbs over where I started last summer.

I hate feeling like I wasted 6 months, when I could have already had the surgery and been losing weight. But, like the surgeon told me, you have to be ready and I was not ready then. It’s a huge commitment and lifestyle change. It’s giving up things, I’ll never be able to eat the way I used to again.

Which is entirely the point …

But, it’s definitely a huge change and I’m trying to just focus on now and let the past go. I actually need to lose 150 lbs. so that will be my new journey.

I’ll still be blogging and chronicling my weight loss journey, until the wedding and beyond.

I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve received on this blog, and I can’t wait to start showing you my progress again.

This is going to be a whole new lifestyle, for the rest of my life. I suspect my weight will always be a battle, but I’m taking steps to equip myself to better fight it.

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