Forming new habits

Last night I did manage to make time to run by the grocery and purchase some food, based on the guidelines.

Basically, it’s super easy to figure out if something is “ok” for me to eat. It should have 1 gram of protein for every 10 cals. Which sounded intimidating to me, but all you actually have to do is cover up the last number of calories (ex: 130 cals, you would cover up the zero and have 13 left) and that is the minimum number of grams of proteins the food should have to be something you should eat.

Anyway, I looked at every single label before I bought anything, and made sure it adhered to these guidelines. I found some cheese that was actually ok (the nurse mentioned adding cheese to my egg beaters) and I got some chicken breast, which is of course fine, and then I also got some fruit.

Post surgery I won’t really be eating fruit, but the nutritionist told me it’s not about eating “perfectly” right now, like I would after surgery, but it’s about getting into the habit of eating 6 times a day and making better choices. So, in my book, fruit is ok to have a bit right now.

I have cut out all soda, though I am going to phase out the carbonated water in the next week or two- it’s no calories, but I’ll no longer be able to drink carbonation post-surgery. I’ve also cut out all fast food.

Today I did have a fruit and cheese plate from Starbucks, along with a grande frap (better than my normal venti). That has thrown off my progress today. But, I had a gift card, and the nutritionist told me to use it and then I’ll not go back. It’s not a habit anymore that I go all the time, anyway. I just got a couple gift cards for Christmas.

So, my “calories” are well over where I would normally want to be today, and due to the Starbucks, my protein to calorie ratio is off. But, I will get 5 meals in today (meals and snacks), which is pretty good. I missed one snack somewhere, but that’s ok. All in all I did well, and I’m trying to focus on the positive and change my thought patterns as well.

I’m proud of myself for having a pretty decent first day. I have a long way to go, but I’m confident I can do this and see results.

This is a forever change, and I’ll never be 100% perfect, but I’m learning to accept that as being ok. But, I can stick to a healthy eating pattern, follow easy guidelines before buying or eating food, and cut out all the crap. I’m committed to doing what I have to in order to have a healthier and happier lifestyle. (Not that I am at all equating size with happiness- I’m very happy with much of where I am in life… But, not being so self conscious, or worrying if I can fit in a chair, or being able to go to concerts with my fiancé and sporting events and go on roller coasters again. All of that will just add to my contentment and happiness with my life overall.)

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