2015 update

I’m now 32 years old, and getting married in about 5.5 months (June 20, 2015).

At the end of December I went to see a bariatric surgeon about sleeve gastrectomy, after failing to lose weight and maintain the loss on my own, through diet and exercise alone.

I’m not preaching any one way as the “right” way to lose weight- it’s an individual journey that each person must decide for themselves.

But this is chronicling my journey… If all goes well, through a weight loss surgery, a wedding, and a transformation- both inside and out.

Below are my new “before” pics… Yes, I ultimately gained weight the first 6 months I was trying to lose weight on my own.


3 thoughts on “2015 update

  1. So you will be getting the surgery? Good for you for taking action. Every body is different, and you know what is best for you. If anyone tells you otherwise, tell them, from me, to mind their own business. You are being very brave. You go girl!

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