Pull yourself together


I had a rather rough day yesterday, and found the above quote. I think it fits perfectly. Life threw me a curveball, but I’m pulling it together (minus the drink… Empty cals!!!). But, in theory, I love this quote.

I was trying to redirect my emotions into productive ones. As I posted the other day, you can’t change how people treat you, but you can change how you react. Not that it’s easy, I’ll tell you that much. But, if you really focus and try, you absolutely can. Sometimes you just have to take a step back or a time out and digest things and refocus.

So that’s what I’ve been working on since yesterday. Surprisingly, I am feeling like I’m finally getting my groove back today, which is awesome! I felt a bit lost and really struggling for awhile.

Today, for lunch, I was thinking of Taco Bell, because I’m poor and only had $6 cash. But, I decided against it and chose outback. I had to pay with a credit card, which was highly annoying (I’m waiting for a replacement debit card to arrive), but, it was a better choice. Plus, instead of garlic mash I chose mixed veg and a side salad. Could have done without the side salad, but, it’s an improvement over my usual order.

I also had breakfast and my afternoon snack and actually finished both Greek yogurts today. I knew I could find flavors I actually enjoyed eating 🙂

So my protein is 34% of my daily nutrition today, which is a lot better than I had been doing. So far today I’ve had 84 g of protein, and my goal is 90/day, so I’m golden after I eat dinner and a snack. Pretty happy with myself and my progress.

I also devoted time to work on homework (MBA program starts Saturday!) and I have volunteer work to do as well, for an event next weekend. I asked the fiancé to help with dish duty and trash duty tonight, and he obliged.

I’m determined to make this all work. The surgery (praying it gets re-approved still), graduate school, volunteering, planning the wedding, all my commitments. It’s a lot, but it’ll be worth it.

Oh- I also resolved to learn how to cook today! I ordered a George Foreman 3-in-1 evolve grill. It has the regular grill, plus a baking pan and muffin pan. Which, based on protein-packed bariatric-friendly meals I’ve been pinning, muffin pans are a must!

You can make an appropriate portion, with multiple servings all at once. I’m really excited to actually try to cook some of the recipes I pinned on Pinterest!!! Who knew that would ever happen?!

But, like the nutritionist told me, if I eat what I’ve always eaten, I’ll weigh what I’ve always weighed. That has become unacceptable to me and I’m willing to put in a little extra effort to cook healthy dishes. I don’t think anything will b exceptionally hard, it will just be new for me. I’m used to throwing something in the oven or microwave and being done with it. Now I’ll be working with actual ingredients…

I’m really excited and happy with my progress today. I can tell I’m committed to making drastic changes in my life. It’s going to b hard work (all of it- not just my battle with weight), but I’m determined to see it through and be successful. If you want something badly enough, you’ll work for it and find a way to make it happen, right?

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