Down 18 lbs in 11 days pre-op

It’s day 13 of the pre-op diet. The last 2 days! I didn’t weigh the last 2 mornings, but I did just weigh now (it’s evening, with clothes on) and I still weigh the same. I was down 18 lbs in the first 11 days of the pre-op diet.

I’m finally back under 300lbs. I had topped out at 316 the week before the liquid diet. I am now 298. I know now that I’m truly capable of never going back there. I never want to know that weight again. It was awful.

I am happy that the scale is finally moving in the right direction. But the pre-op diet isn’t really about the weight loss, the point is to shrink your liver so surgery is safer and can be done laparoscopic. Otherwise they may have to cut a humungous incision from the belly button to Breast bone, which would be utterly painful and awful. Not to mention forever ugly. I’m praying my liver has shrunk enough. It’s hard not knowing.

Knowing you have 150lbs to lose is daunting. But, actually seeing consistent weight loss, even pre-op is so encouraging. If I listen and do everything they tell me to, I know I can be successful. It’s going to come off quickly (I hope). I really hope the pre-op diet is an indication that the weight is ready to come off.

I know it won’t come off that quickly, once I’m back on solids. But, it should still be consistent. Post-surgery I’ll still be on a clear liquid diet for week 1. Week 2 is full liquids (so milk based soups- yay!). Week 3-4 is puréed- at this point I will actually be able to eat eggs (I use egg beaters) and Greek yogurt. I cannot wait til weeks 3-4 lol. Then week 5 begins a regular bariatric diet. So, including the 2 week pre-op diet, that means I will be off true solids for 6 weeks. I have to lose a decent amount in that time. I hope.

Especially since at first, due to swelling, I can expect to eat only 2oz at a time (that is roughly 4 tablespoons). That’s truly a small amount of food. And we’re talking liquids at first, so the weight should melt off.

I hope I’m not getting too amped up about this, because I don’t want to be disappointed.

I’m still keeping my realistic goal of losing 10lbs/mo. Of course I’m going to try to beat that number, though. You can lose the most in the first 6 months, and I’ve got 4 months until my wedding, so I’m really going to try and kill it.

They say the first year is your “golden opportunity”. You’ll never lose weight as quickly or easily as you do in that first year. My goal is to be down 100lbs in the first year. 100 lbs down. I would be under 200 lbs again! It’s been so long…

Part of me can’t even imagine it right now and the other part of me can’t wait. I am ready to take my life back.

Vector illustration of  pink bathroom scale with measuring tape

6 thoughts on “Down 18 lbs in 11 days pre-op

    • Thank you so much!!! I am waiting (or trying to) to weigh again until 2 weeks post-op visit. Because of anesthesia and swelling and everything they said not to weight right away, it may not be accurate. Def giving it my all!

      • That makes a lot of sense. I would wait the 2 weeks. That number will be incredible, simply because you are getting healthier regardless of what it is. Proud of you! Stay strong.

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