After losing 30 lbs in 3 weeks, I’ve been stuck with the same 2 lbs down for days now. 4-5 days. Last week I only lost 2 lbs and I’m still barely eating. I’ve just started puréed foods. Could i possibly be hitting a plateau so quickly? 

I have my 2-week post-op appointment tomorrow, so I can talk to my Dr then. In the meantime it’s driving me nuts. I’ve been waking, like I’m supposed to, and eating well, I don’t understand why the scale isn’t moving. 

It’s a bit frustrating when you’re doing all the right things and not seeing the results. I am trying to focus on the positive though. My fiancé remarked yesterday that my stomach looks like I’ve lost some weight, and I was able to get into some clothes I haven’t been able to wear. So those are all good milestones. 

But I’m still really frustrated by the scale. The good thing is I am going to keep going, and the scale will have to move, eventually. If I don’t break it before then… 

One thought on “Plateau? 

  1. It’s understandable to become frustrated. Your body will need time to adjust to the quick weight loss. I’m sure your doctor will say the same. Just keep at it and the weight loss will return. Also, it’s not a plateau in only 5 days, stop stressing 🙂

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