1/3 of the way there! 

I had a Dr appt yesterday to follow up post-surgery and they had my weight lower than what I weighed just on Monday. I didn’t want to count the loss, until I weighed on my own scale, to stay consistent. 

Instead of waiting until Friday, I went ahead and weighed myself this morning– not only did I finally hit the 5-0 lbs down mark, I surpassed it! 

Weight today is 264, for a total loss of 52 lbs since February. I’m looking to lose a total of approximately 150 lbs, so I’m officially 1/3 of the way there! That’s major progress! 

Re-energized to try and still lose 18 more lbs by the wedding, for 70lbs down. I have 51 days, so I think it’s feasible. I’ve just really got to stay focused and kill it! 

I’m pretty excited I hit my first big goal finally. Now to just keep the momentum rolling! 


Early birdie 

Today I planned on getting up at 530, so I could make the gym before work. Instead, I woke up before 330a. Yesterday I was up before 430; but skipped the gym and baked a breakfast casserole and cleaned. 

So this morning I decided to come downstairs, get breakfast, and put some dishes on to wash. I am all for being productive, but I’m worried I’m going to completely crash at some point. 

I did weigh myself yesterday morning to see the damage I had done last week, and to my amazement I was still somehow down a lb. So I’m down 48 lbs so far. 

Of course I’m trying to lose as absolutely much weight as possible before the wedding. Originally I had wanted to be down 70lbs by the wedding, but that doesn’t seem realistic now. But I’m going to see how close I can get. 

Since the wedding will be here in no time (53 days!) I decided last night I needed to set a “next” goal: my after-wedding goal is to be down 100lbs by year-end. Which is totally doable. As of right now, I have 8 months to lose only 52lbs. And really, I should be losing 8-10 lbs/mo, if I really kill it. So secretly I’m trying for 120 lbs down by year-end. 

If I actually hit that, I would be down to goal weight by year end! Realistic goal weight. Of course I’m going to try and see if I can lose a bit more weight, once I’m closer. My realistic goal weight, based on a prior Dr, is 150lbs. But, I’m only 5’3″, so that’s still heavy. My core body weight was around 130, per my old Dr, so 150 is realistic. But I’m not in love with that number. Of course I want to be back up my high school weight. 

But, we’ll adjust once I get closer and figure out what is and is not feasible. For now, my first focus is on the wedding (and fitting my dress!!!!) and my next focus is to get down 100 lbs by the end of the year. 

I also want to build back up to walking further (think 20-30k steps/day) and eventually being able to jog a 5k. I need to get down a little more first, before I can try jogging. Right now walking a few miles is still a good workout. 

Of course, once I get down, I want to be able to do all the things I have not been able to for so long. I want to go on roller coasters (islands of adventure is my fave!) and I want to do stuff like parasailing and zip lining. I want to be able to fully enjoy life again!

So that’s what’s up with me. 

54 Days

I started a new job last week and got off track on my eating. I wasn’t eating every 3 hours, and wasn’t eating right when I did. Then this weekend was a little of a free for all. I also had Starbucks every day last week and wine about every night (with some margaritas over the weekend). So yes, bad, bad, bad… 

BUT as of today it’s 54 days until the wedding, and I have a dress I absolutely *must* fit. Part of the issue last week was that I didn’t have access to a break room, so I couldn’t bring my own food or get back to eat every 3 hours. So I was running out and eating fast food once a day 😦 but now all of that is resolved and I have no more excuses! 

We are seriously in crunch time, and I’m back 110%! No alcohol, no carbs, and no Starbucks until the wedding! Then I fully intend on enjoying my wedding and honeymoon, so I deserve about 10 days off. Not to go crazy, but splurge a little. Then I will get back on track again as soon as I get home. 

The next 54 days are going to be rough, though. I’ll be traveling some for work, which always makes it harder to eat right. But I absolutely have got to do this, and when I’m traveling I need to find the hotel gym and actually use it! #NoMoreExcuses

Small victories 


So I have lost a few more pounds (down 47 lbs) but today I’m celebrating the small victories. I’m trying to pay attention to all these little milestones I reach, to remind me it’s not just the scale, it’s really about my health and how I feel. 

Yesterday I wore “big girl shoes” allllll day at work and at the wedding tasting- I even climbed stairs in them! For years now I have only been wearing ballet flats. Every. Single. Day. There’s nothing wrong with ballet flats, but I’m only 32 and I want to wear cute heels!  

Earlier this week I tried clasping my bra, like a normal person, and I was able to do it. So embarrassing but for so long I’ve just put it on over my head because I couldn’t reach. 

I also noticed my feet and ankles haven’t been swelling like they were. I no longer have to take lasiks, which is awesome. That could be really uncomfortable sometimes. 

I’m still hoping to be down another size by the wedding, but I only expect to lose 20lbs more, so it’s going to be close. If I can accomplish that, I’ll be down 70 lbs by the wedding, which will still make a huge difference. 

I did try on my new dress yesterday- you know, the one I exchanged that was 2 sizes smaller than my original dress? Well, no surprise here, it didn’t fit. Not like it was just an inch off or so either. It does not fit. And I’m not sure that it will in only 20 more lbs. My mom feels very comfortable about it, because we are putting in a corset back. So she thinks it would be fin, even if I lost no more weight. I’m not so sure, though. A little stressed about that. 

But, trying to focus on the positives and how good I’m doing. How I can walk further, not get winded, and generally do more. I know it’s still only the beginning, so I can’t wait to keep working and keep losing! 

“Today was a good day” 

As Ice Cube once said, today was a good day! I wish every day could be like today! 

I got up early and went to the gym and instead of only doing a mile or two at most, like I have been, I set my mind to doing 3 miles. It’s the most- especially at once- since my surgery. I got in over 8000 steps before work and got in a lot of water. 

For the first time today, I passed my 10,000 step goal, I passed my protein goal, and I passed my water goal– *finally*!!!! I have really been struggling to get in the water I am supposed to. I am supposed to drink 70oz of water/day, but whenever you eat there’s a period of 45 min+ that you can’t drink, so it makes it hard. But, getting in that gym time before work and continuing to drink while I was getting ready really helped!

I’m so proud of myself and I really do wish every day could be like today. It needs to be, in order for me to get down to where I need to be. Especially where I need to be by the wedding. But, I know if I keep doing like I did today, I can definitely achieve my goals! It feels so good to be back in the game! 

Checking in 

Just wanted to touch base since I haven’t written in awhile. I’m now at 43 lbs down. I’m 6 weeks past surgery. 

I’m not losing as quickly as I could, I had some carbs. Very small amounts, but apparently it takes virtually nothing to stall weight loss. So, I am recommitting to cutting out all carbs. Not carbs in protein, like greek yogurt, but bread, etc. I had a few bites of mashed potatoes yesterday for Easter. But, I’ve only got 75 days until the wedding, and I have got to lose as much as absolutely possible. 

My dress is still nowhere close to fitting. I haven’t tried it on yet, but I ordered it 2 sizes smaller and I am not there yet. So, I’m a little stressed. I am hoping I can still manage 20 lbs down more by the wedding. I was trying for 70 lbs down by the wedding, but I don’t think that is possible at this point. 

I’ve also started going back to the gym. Once I started back at work, I got off track there. But, I started back Thursday and went saturday and Sunday as well. Going back again tomorrow before work. 

I guess that’s about all that’s up with me! Check back in soon!