54 Days

I started a new job last week and got off track on my eating. I wasn’t eating every 3 hours, and wasn’t eating right when I did. Then this weekend was a little of a free for all. I also had Starbucks every day last week and wine about every night (with some margaritas over the weekend). So yes, bad, bad, bad… 

BUT as of today it’s 54 days until the wedding, and I have a dress I absolutely *must* fit. Part of the issue last week was that I didn’t have access to a break room, so I couldn’t bring my own food or get back to eat every 3 hours. So I was running out and eating fast food once a day šŸ˜¦ but now all of that is resolved and I have no more excuses! 

We are seriously in crunch time, and I’m back 110%! No alcohol, no carbs, and no Starbucks until the wedding! Then I fully intend on enjoying my wedding and honeymoon, so I deserve about 10 days off. Not to go crazy, but splurge a little. Then I will get back on track again as soon as I get home. 

The next 54 days are going to be rough, though. I’ll be traveling some for work, which always makes it harder to eat right. But I absolutely have got to do this, and when I’m traveling I need to find the hotel gym and actually use it! #NoMoreExcuses

4 thoughts on “54 Days

  1. Sounds like you have a good plan to get into that dress – good for you. One thing though, consider your honeymoon carefully when deciding to relax your eating habits. I always did that on vacations in the past and then it was such a mental struggle getting back in track. I don’t know that I ever really did. Over time the weight kept creeping up (all pre-op). Over Spring Break (still pre-op) I decided NOT to relax my eating habits even though we were traveling. I can say that I totally enjoyed vacation and loved having zero guilt or worry about the damage I’d done. In fact, when I got home I was down 3 lbs. Just a thought!

    • That’s a good point. Part of me just wants to be able to drink on the honeymoon, especially since we’re going to sandals and its all inclusive. So really, you’re already paying for it. But I don’t want to derail my progress by going crazy… I’m still trying to get down about 100 lbs total by year-end. I’ll have to give this some more thought– thanks!!!!

    • My friend and I are holding each other accountable and checking in all day, so that will really help! And despite my awful week last week, I still managed to lose a pound. So, now that I’m refocused and getting back to my correct eating habits, I’ve just got to kill it!

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