5 months and 10 days…

Finally went to the gym today for the first time in forever. As usual, my mind clears on the treadmill. While walking today I had a realization: 

In 5 months and 10 days it will be my 33rd birthday. 

Not a traditional milestone, but 33 happens to be my favorite number. And I realized that, for the first time, I could actually be down 100lbs by my birthday. 

The scale has not moved since I returned from my honeymoon. I’ve also not been 100% back on track nor have I been working out (until today). It’s been firmly stuck at 260lbs. 

Well, I’m down 56 lbs and I only have to lose 44 lbs in the next 5 months and I’ll be 100lbs down. That’s totally doable. 

So, that is my new goal. I have to kill it and make the most of my surgery and get down 100 lbs this year. 

For the first time In my life, I’m going to be ready for my big birthday and look smashing!