Lovers Key

Sunday Funday alert! Today the hubs, the bubs (puppy), and I went to Lovers Key state park and walked the black island trail, which is about 2.75 miles long. 

We certainly didn’t set any records, but we had to stop along the way for puppy breaks and of course photo ops! 

The last 2 Sunday’s we’ve gonna to the Naples Botanical Gardens, but this weekend I thought It would be nice to do something different. 

I love that I’m becoming more active again! I *want* to be active and get up and get moving, instead of spending a lazy Sunday on the couch, accomplishing nothing. 

Such a change in thinking, and I’m absolutely loving it! 

So far today I’ve hit 2 of my activity goals thru my Apple Watch so I’m pretty excited about that. 

We’re also going to try and get in another walk around the neighborhood this evening, which my goal is to start walking 3 times a day (before work, on lunch, and in the evening before bed). 

This, plus continuing to work on my elliptical should really help the weight loss. My struggle will be limiting my eating like I should be. I haven’t eaten off plan, but I have eaten too much. I def struggle with getting munchy in the evenings. 

But, I refuse to give up and I’m going to keep fighting the good fight! 

2 minutes… 

Two minutes… Doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? But, that’s about how long my fat ass can stay on my new elliptical right now. Isn’t she a beauty:

I bought it because we moved and there’s no gym nearby now. And I choose an elliptical specifically to challenge myself. 

I had no grand visions, but I had hoped to be able to last 5 minutes at a time… Not so much. Two minutes and I’m dying. Legs are dying, heart rate is up. *sigh* 

But, I’m jumping on it several times a day, and all start trying to push for 3 min next week. It may not be much, but it’s something. It’s better than sitting around on my behind all day. 

I’ve also decided to start walking the neighborhood. I think during lunch I’m going to shoot for a 20-min walk. That will help too… Every little bit counts.


Happy to report my BMI is down ~10 pts since my highest weight earlier this year. 

It feels great to see progress in other ways. Next up is getting into the 30s, which should occur around 225lbs. That will be a huge victory for me, not only for the lower BMI and weight, but that’s around the weight I was when I last rode my *favorite* roller coaster, which was circa 2008-2009. (The Hulk at islands of adventure, in Orlando, in case anyone is wondering!) 

Once I can fit in that roller coaster again, I’m buying annual passes. It won’t be long now!!!! 

Losing weight is about so much more than how you look- for me, it’s really about taking my life back. Getting to do the things I enjoy doing and not avoiding activities for fear of not fitting in seats, getting stares, etc. it’s about freedom. 

I can’t wait to report back that I’ve rose the roller coaster again– and u can bet they’ll be a pic! Keep working toward your goals!!!! 

Progress, not Perfection

Progress not perfection is my biggest takeaway from my journey right now. 

Hard not to compare yourself to others, but ultimately getting down on yourself or discouraged is counterproductive and we’re all different. 

My struggles may not be your struggles. I certainly have struggles, as we all do. 

But beating myself up about my lost 3-4 mos isn’t going to do any good and it certainly won’t change anything. 

All I can do is my best, going forward. 

Make the best decisions that I can, work my hardest, and continue to persevere. 

No one said this would be easy, but I’ve no doubt it will be worth it!!!! Stay strong, my friends! 

2lbs down this week

Friday is my official weigh day, though I’ve been psychotic ally weighing myself this week, looking for a change. Only 2 lbs down… But, that’s still 2 lbs I’m rid of, right?! 
2lbs is still progress, and that’s what this journey is all about! 

I joined some Fb support groups, and seeing people lose like 20lbs/mo, just crazy amounts of weight made me a little disappointed for a bit, but, my Dr said I can expect to lose 8-10lbs/mo, if I really work hard. So, I’m on schedule for that. 

I may not be the fastest loser out there, but I’m still losing!!! 

128lbs to go to new goal (130). My realistic goal was 150, which would still be overweight as I’m only 5’3″. I really want to be out of that category, and if I’m going to try, I might as well aim big!!! 

HW: 316

CW: 258

Next (quickly approaching!) goal: under 250!!! 

Of course getting under 200 is a BIG goal… I’m coming for ya, ONEderland! I miss my fave roller coasters, and going to stadiums, etc!!!!

Water goals 

How do you get in YOUR water each day?!

My minimum water goal is 70oz/day, but more is better, especially if you go by weight! 

I have struggled for the longest to get all my water in, though I did better when exercising in the am– got a jump start on consumption. 

This week I have started tracking my water intake again, as it’s super important to weight loss and your overall health. I’ve also cut out ALL other liquids- water only for me, please! (Goodbye, sweet tea…) 

A way I’ve been able to up up my water intake has been using these babies! 

They even have little words of encouragement hidden in the flap! 

70 cals and 15g of protein per serving, only 1 carb. Lots and lots of flavors to choose from, but my go-to’s are the strawberry kiwi and the pineapple ones-Delish!!!

I limit myself to 2/day, because there still is a carb, plus it’s better to eat real food. 

Then the rest of the time I’m having crystal light, which I am constantly rotating because I loooove a flavor and then a week later can’t stand it! 

I also have started having my fiber water again, and up to one protein shake per day. 

I try to utilize my large 32oz drinkware (thank you, Target!) because I at least think I drink more that way. 

Then I’ve been tracking my water intake as I finish in MFP, which I don’t love because it goes by cups, but, it’ll work. I need to get back to using my Fitbit, and I enjoy their water tracked much better (by oz). 

What tips and tricks do you have, and how much water do you consume per day?! 

Killed my macros! 

This is my end-view from yesterday of my macros– I don’t think I’ve ever done this well!!! 

Got 144g of protein for the day, which surpassed my goal of 90g/day. 

My fat and carb percentages all look pretty good as well, so I was super happy and proud of myself. I literally think this may be the best I’ve done since my surgery. 

Today is Day 3 back on my diet, and I’m already at 50g protein after breakfast and mid-am snack and I’ve only had 4g carbs. So killing it, yet again!!!

We recently moved and there is no gym near us now, but I ordered an elliptical. It is actually supposed to arrive at the local warehouse today, so they should then call me within 48 hrs to schedule delivery/assembly. 

I’ve only got 3 months until I’m at my one-year post surgery, which is my golden window to lose weight. So I’m really going to try to lose as much as possible the next 3 months. That means no carbs for holiday meals and absolutely adhering to my diet. 

My goal is to lose 40 lbs by February. That will put me at 100lbs down in the first year. 

I really could have/should have lost more, but I can’t change what’s been done, I can only move forward. Which I’m 110% committed to doing. 


Day 2 of renewed focus: color me obsessed 

I’m actually freaking out a little, as I was feeling so good about getting back on track yesterday (and killing it!) that I joined a few sleeve support groups on Fb. 

Then I got super depressed and felt like a failure, after seeing people losing 70-100 lbs in only 6 mos! I am WAY behind!!! 

I’ve completely wasted the last 3-4 months and now I’m super stressed. 

I emailed the nutritionist what I’m doing and asked what other changes I can make to maximize my weight loss going forward. 

So, I’m completely obsessing now over my weight, which I think is good. I’m focused and will stay dedicated and on track, as long as I keep obsessing about losing the weight and getting fit and healthy. 

The liquid diet didn’t last long, but I am still only eating 2-3 actual meals a day, and using protein drinks the rest of the time. 

I even found low sugar/carb ketchup, which I also used last night to make a low carb/sugar cocktail sauce. So, I’m really trying to give 110% on this. 

My elliptical should be installed soon, I hope. Waiting for the call, which should be in the next couple days. 

I have to stay obsessed and focused and really kill it… 

Take 2

With the wedding and honeymoon (June/July) I got off track and never made it fully back on board 100%. 

So this morning I have started a two-week liquid diet again. Protein powder, powdered flavored protein water, and crystal light are it. If I get desperate, I’ll allow broth and sugar free jello, just like the 2-week liquid diet I did prior to surgery in February. 

After I finish my drink, I’ll already be at 50g protein before lunch! Super proud of myself. 

I absolutely have to kick the carbs and sugars again, and I’d also like to jump start the weight loss, so that’s why I opted to redo the 2-wk liquid diet. It’s time to get serious again and really kill it. 

They say you have a solid 12-mos post-surgery, to really lose and I have not been making the most of it. That changes today. I have only 3 more months, and I am aiming to lose at least 30 more lbs. honestly I’d like to lose more, but I have to still be realistic in my goals. 

I want to be under 200, which would be about 50-60lbs down. But, realistically I can expect 8-10lbs/mo… If I can lose 30lbs by February, at least I’ll almost be at 100lbs down. That would be a good mark. I should have lost like 150, but, I can’t undo what has been done, I can only move forward. 

I intend on making the absolute most of the next 3 months, and then I’ll keep going, it will just be harder…