Take 2

With the wedding and honeymoon (June/July) I got off track and never made it fully back on board 100%. 

So this morning I have started a two-week liquid diet again. Protein powder, powdered flavored protein water, and crystal light are it. If I get desperate, I’ll allow broth and sugar free jello, just like the 2-week liquid diet I did prior to surgery in February. 

After I finish my drink, I’ll already be at 50g protein before lunch! Super proud of myself. 

I absolutely have to kick the carbs and sugars again, and I’d also like to jump start the weight loss, so that’s why I opted to redo the 2-wk liquid diet. It’s time to get serious again and really kill it. 

They say you have a solid 12-mos post-surgery, to really lose and I have not been making the most of it. That changes today. I have only 3 more months, and I am aiming to lose at least 30 more lbs. honestly I’d like to lose more, but I have to still be realistic in my goals. 

I want to be under 200, which would be about 50-60lbs down. But, realistically I can expect 8-10lbs/mo… If I can lose 30lbs by February, at least I’ll almost be at 100lbs down. That would be a good mark. I should have lost like 150, but, I can’t undo what has been done, I can only move forward. 

I intend on making the absolute most of the next 3 months, and then I’ll keep going, it will just be harder… 

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