Day 2 of renewed focus: color me obsessed 

I’m actually freaking out a little, as I was feeling so good about getting back on track yesterday (and killing it!) that I joined a few sleeve support groups on Fb. 

Then I got super depressed and felt like a failure, after seeing people losing 70-100 lbs in only 6 mos! I am WAY behind!!! 

I’ve completely wasted the last 3-4 months and now I’m super stressed. 

I emailed the nutritionist what I’m doing and asked what other changes I can make to maximize my weight loss going forward. 

So, I’m completely obsessing now over my weight, which I think is good. I’m focused and will stay dedicated and on track, as long as I keep obsessing about losing the weight and getting fit and healthy. 

The liquid diet didn’t last long, but I am still only eating 2-3 actual meals a day, and using protein drinks the rest of the time. 

I even found low sugar/carb ketchup, which I also used last night to make a low carb/sugar cocktail sauce. So, I’m really trying to give 110% on this. 

My elliptical should be installed soon, I hope. Waiting for the call, which should be in the next couple days. 

I have to stay obsessed and focused and really kill it… 

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