Killed my macros! 

This is my end-view from yesterday of my macros– I don’t think I’ve ever done this well!!! 

Got 144g of protein for the day, which surpassed my goal of 90g/day. 

My fat and carb percentages all look pretty good as well, so I was super happy and proud of myself. I literally think this may be the best I’ve done since my surgery. 

Today is Day 3 back on my diet, and I’m already at 50g protein after breakfast and mid-am snack and I’ve only had 4g carbs. So killing it, yet again!!!

We recently moved and there is no gym near us now, but I ordered an elliptical. It is actually supposed to arrive at the local warehouse today, so they should then call me within 48 hrs to schedule delivery/assembly. 

I’ve only got 3 months until I’m at my one-year post surgery, which is my golden window to lose weight. So I’m really going to try to lose as much as possible the next 3 months. That means no carbs for holiday meals and absolutely adhering to my diet. 

My goal is to lose 40 lbs by February. That will put me at 100lbs down in the first year. 

I really could have/should have lost more, but I can’t change what’s been done, I can only move forward. Which I’m 110% committed to doing. 

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