Water goals 

How do you get in YOUR water each day?!

My minimum water goal is 70oz/day, but more is better, especially if you go by weight! 

I have struggled for the longest to get all my water in, though I did better when exercising in the am– got a jump start on consumption. 

This week I have started tracking my water intake again, as it’s super important to weight loss and your overall health. I’ve also cut out ALL other liquids- water only for me, please! (Goodbye, sweet tea…) 

A way I’ve been able to up up my water intake has been using these babies! 

They even have little words of encouragement hidden in the flap! 

70 cals and 15g of protein per serving, only 1 carb. Lots and lots of flavors to choose from, but my go-to’s are the strawberry kiwi and the pineapple ones-Delish!!!

I limit myself to 2/day, because there still is a carb, plus it’s better to eat real food. 

Then the rest of the time I’m having crystal light, which I am constantly rotating because I loooove a flavor and then a week later can’t stand it! 

I also have started having my fiber water again, and up to one protein shake per day. 

I try to utilize my large 32oz drinkware (thank you, Target!) because I at least think I drink more that way. 

Then I’ve been tracking my water intake as I finish in MFP, which I don’t love because it goes by cups, but, it’ll work. I need to get back to using my Fitbit, and I enjoy their water tracked much better (by oz). 

What tips and tricks do you have, and how much water do you consume per day?! 

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