2lbs down this week

Friday is my official weigh day, though I’ve been psychotic ally weighing myself this week, looking for a change. Only 2 lbs down… But, that’s still 2 lbs I’m rid of, right?! 
2lbs is still progress, and that’s what this journey is all about! 

I joined some Fb support groups, and seeing people lose like 20lbs/mo, just crazy amounts of weight made me a little disappointed for a bit, but, my Dr said I can expect to lose 8-10lbs/mo, if I really work hard. So, I’m on schedule for that. 

I may not be the fastest loser out there, but I’m still losing!!! 

128lbs to go to new goal (130). My realistic goal was 150, which would still be overweight as I’m only 5’3″. I really want to be out of that category, and if I’m going to try, I might as well aim big!!! 

HW: 316

CW: 258

Next (quickly approaching!) goal: under 250!!! 

Of course getting under 200 is a BIG goal… I’m coming for ya, ONEderland! I miss my fave roller coasters, and going to stadiums, etc!!!!

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