Progress, not Perfection

Progress not perfection is my biggest takeaway from my journey right now. 

Hard not to compare yourself to others, but ultimately getting down on yourself or discouraged is counterproductive and we’re all different. 

My struggles may not be your struggles. I certainly have struggles, as we all do. 

But beating myself up about my lost 3-4 mos isn’t going to do any good and it certainly won’t change anything. 

All I can do is my best, going forward. 

Make the best decisions that I can, work my hardest, and continue to persevere. 

No one said this would be easy, but I’ve no doubt it will be worth it!!!! Stay strong, my friends! 

One thought on “Progress, not Perfection

  1. Well said! First is to forget yesterday (or the past few months), there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change that… all you have control over is today! Every day you wake up is a blank slate. When I was losing weight and getting healthy I would lay in bed in the morning and decide on one thing: maybe it would be I will exercise for 30 minutes today, or I will eat lots of fruits and veggies today, I will drink 3 bottles of water today, etc. Make the goal for the day right there in bed before you get up. Then when you hit that goal, you go to bed feeling satisfied! You did what you set out to do that day and you should feel good about that. The next day? Repeat! :o)

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