Week One Back on Track

First week back on track after the holiday struggle and I’m already down 3.8lbs this week.   

Pretty proud that I’m back to losing and thankful there’s no more temptations in the near future. No reason to get off track. 

This year my goal is to lose 120 lbs which will get me to goal (130’s). 

I thought it would take me longer than it has to get my carbs back down under 20/day, but the last two days I’ve hit that. 

Next step is to get portions back down and I have actually been eating a bit too much protein. Goal is 90/day and today I’ve already surpassed that and still have dinner and a snack ahead of me. 

Today I’ve mostly drank my cals and protein, but I’m going to start limiting that. Only one protein drink per day, or bar. The rest I want to come from “real” food. 

I also need to cut my portions down some I think. I know I could probably eat half a burger and be fine, but I’ve been eating whole ones. Plus two slices of cheese, when clearly one is plenty. That’s my goal for next week: portion control. 

All in all I’m feeling pretty optimistic about 2016 and the rest of my journey. 

Can’t wait to see where I am by month-end!!! Come on, 10lbs down!!!! 

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